DR-5GAL Descale Reset: Acid-Free Cooling Tower Descaling Concentrate

$225.00 $169.00

  Descale Reset is the most aggressive line cleaner and Descaler available.

Tests confirm that our patented SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid, dissolves 15% more calcium than Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid.

Its triple-zero HMIS makes Decale Reset safe for your
equipment, people and safe to store where you wish.

As Descale Reset neutralizes instantly with fresh water, we remove the time and material costs associated with additional steps needed with acid-based products. 

Descale Reset removes no trace metals from the system, making it legal to dispose effluent water directly into the sanitary system. Descale Reset is non-regulated by the D.O.T. and is non-mutagenic to marine life.

*Ideal for Cooling Towers & Operators*

Dissolves dissolve mineral deposits such as calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits, from passages in water-cooled or heated equipment. 

Compatible with: Brass, Iron, Copper, PVC, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, etc.

Use Directions: Introduce into pipes or environment where descaling and cleaning is needed.

Dilution Ratio :  Light Buildup, Regular Cleaning   -  20 : 1

                          Moderate Line Cleaning                -  3 : 1

                          Severe Buildup and Scale Removal -  1 : 1

       Product MSDS Here