RST-360 - Rust Iron Well Water Inhibitor 1 Gallon / 128 oz.

$40.00 $18.00

RST-360 - Multi Purpose Rust / Iron Inhibitor, Acid Free Water Treatment, Well Servicing / Drilling Aid. 

Uses: - Iron / well water inhibitor for residential and commercial properties                                     - well cleaning aid, descaler, drilling fluid, pipe cleaning aid, corrosion                                      and scale control, well drilling aid, well rehabilitation aid, pH adjustment.

  RST-360 is an all-around environmentally friendly and fully functional replacement for traditional acids commonly used in water treatment, well water rust inhibitors, well servicing and drilling. Until now, the only effective way to reduce the pH of your reclaimed water has been to use harsh mineral acids. RST-360 carries a triple-zero HMIS score, is non- corrosive, non-fuming, 100% biodegradable, non-mutagenic to fish, wildlife, as well as plant and animal safe. 

   RST-360 has *NO* added toxic dye, harsh smell, dangerous fumes and has been proven to pose no inhalation risk, exceeds all D.O.T. and OSHA requirements and requires no secondary containment. The formula and ingredients meet or exceed the EPA safer choice program requirements for both the safety of the environment and the user. 

 * Safe for Chemical Injection Systems / Dosing Pumps or siphon systems.

 * Dosage and dilution are based on various factors. Please call or e-mail for any questions or instructions for inhibitor. 

 * Please call or e-mail for discounted bulk orders or shipment quotes.