PF30-P1-000 Precision Controls PF Series Pump

$565.00 $275.00

PF30-P1-000 PF Series Pump

 Flow Rate: 1.32 GPH / 31.68 GPD (Gallons Per Day)

 Pressure: 150 PSI. / 10 Bar

 360 Strokes / Per Min. Capability, Analog Stroke Dial for Stroke Length, Digital Stroke Rate with 100:1 turn down ratio for Stroke Speed. 

Universal Voltage: AC 100-240V with Standard US 115V Plug. Can be hardwired up to 240V. Want a plug-in option instead? Call or email to add a US Angle Plug, NEMA 6-15 for hassle-free 220-240V connection.

Pump Kit Contents: Suction Valve, Ceramic Weight, Suction Tubing, Pump, Bleed Valve/2 Function Valve, Discharge Tubing, and Injection/Back Check Valve. Easily connects to waterline or PVC pipe for efficient operation.